July 21, 2023

Cole Semu's Journey to Chile: A Testament to Chuckanut's Support

Cole Semu, a rising rugby star with the California Grizzlies U23 men's team, recently returned from an extraordinary journey to Chile, thanks to Chuckanut Rugby's sponsorship. Despite tough opponents and setbacks during the tour, Semu's experience in Chile was transformative.

Competing against U23 Chilean teams, including players who had graced the World Cup stage, Semu acknowledged, "I could never have thought it would be this competitive. But it pushed me to raise my game."

Hailing from New Zealand, Semu moved to Washington at eight and discovered rugby at twelve, beginning his journey with Chuckanut. Playing through high school and 7s tournaments, he led the team to a state championship victory.

"Chuckanut has been a constant source of support throughout my rugby journey," Semu affirmed. "Their commitment provided me countless opportunities, representing Washington, the USA team, and top collegiate teams."

Facing formidable opposition, the California Grizzlies lost all three matches in Chile. Semu's journey was further tested when he suffered a fractured hand during the second game, forcing him to sit out the third. Yet, he appreciated the learning opportunities amidst the challenges.

Undeterred, Semu already sets his sights on next year's trip with the Grizzlies, likely in Japan, while he plans to continue playing for BYU in Utah. Chuckanut's sponsorship played a pivotal role, making the journey and growth possible, shining on the rugby stage.

As Cole Semu returns home from his Chilean adventure, his story stands as a testament to the significance of nurturing young talent and the impact of dedicated support. Chuckanut Rugby's sponsorship played a pivotal role in Semu's journey to Chile. With Chuckanut Rugby by his side, Semu's future in rugby looks exceptionally bright, and his journey continues to inspire young athletes worldwide.

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