July 31, 2022

A Sitdown with CBAA President Todd Vasey

We sat down with Chuckanut Bay Athletics Association President, Todd Vasey. Beyond his volunteering and coaching of the Chuckanut Bay Rugby youth programs, his love for the game and supporting local youth expanded into how he can make a greater impact on the organization as a whole. Todd took the President seat in July of 2021 for a 2-year term.

With a focus on supporting CBAA and growing the sport of rugby in the northwest of the Northwest, Todd has been instrumental in organizing and pushing forward with deWilde Field improvements and additions. We asked him his thoughts on his experience with everything so far.

What are your feelings about completing Phase Two this year?

“First off, I’m excited! Primarily about getting the Conditional Use Permit in place. We have an existing Conditional Use Permit, but we upgraded it to be compliant with our long-term plans for the facilities. Very happy to put that administrative part behind us. Second, I’m excited to improve the parking and fencing at the facility to make it secure and to give it some more street appeal as people pull up.”

What was the largest accomplishment for Phase Two?

“The largest accomplishment was getting the donated fencing materials from generous donors. Also, all the work that went into the Conditional Use Permit. When we started the process for getting the Conditional Use Permit, I woefully underestimated how long and how much was wrapped up in completing that process, but there have been a lot of people that have done a lot of work to make sure that came to fruition.”

For Phase Three, deWilde is starting with parking projects. How can people help to accelerate this process?

“Donations are obviously huge. We’re a non-profit, so that’s what we rely upon to make things happen out there. If financially donating is not something people are able to do, then just volunteering. Helping us do the work is going to go a long way in terms of wrapping up the project. One of the examples is that we had nearly 50 people out there at one time out there, working on the fields and putting in the irrigation system. So, if we can get that type of enthusiasm for putting in fencing, we’ll make very short work of the process.”

The CBAA Club Dinner is coming up on Friday, August 12th. Any special announcements or guests to be excited for?

“In terms of special guests, we have Alex Cleary, who is just an inspirational young man I’ve had the pleasure of coaching through a portion, if not most of his career at Chuckanut Bay. He was the youth flag bearer at the Rio Di Jenaro Olympics. Just a huge honor and I look forward to having him speak to us and tell us the things he’s overcome, and what work ethic will do for a young person.”

With substantial momentum moving into Phase Three, how excited are you for the future?

“Very! I can try to expand on it better - I’m thrilled with where the club is going, thrilled with how the facility is moving along, and also very excited to welcome other clubs to one of the premier facilities on the West coast.”

What message would you like to get out to everyone regarding deWilde Fields and the upcoming projects?

”Volunteer. We need help to get it done, and I know we have a wonderful community out there that is very supportive - very much look forward to seeing everyone out there - old faces as well as new.”

Is there any message or information you would like to get out to people?

“Rugby as a sport, and being involved with the club has been life altering. It’s opened my eyes to traveling - it’s a wonderful group of people and it’s an international game. It's more than just a game! We have a saying, “Rugby is family.” And I think we all find that to be the case.”

Be sure to stay up-to-date with CBAA, Todd Vasey, and the development of deWilde Rugby Fields by visiting https://www.chuckanutrugby.com. To register for the August 12 Dinner Auction event, click here.

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